Home-made paneer

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cylinderUsually store-bought paneer is not soft enough to make sweets or kofta curry. So I prefer making paneer at home for them.It just needs a bit attention, and softest,fresh cottage cheese is ready in few minutes.

1. 1 litre milk
2. 1 whole lemon juice /citric acid/ tartari
3. 1 muslin cloth or 1 handkerchief
4. 1 sieve/chhalni
5. 1 litre chilled water

1. Boil the milk in a pan.
2. Let it cool down for 5 mins. In the meanwhile squeeze the lemon juice or add 1 tbsp water to l tsp citric acid.
3. Milk should not be too hot or too cold ,it should be 80% hot compared to the boiling temperature.Now slowly add the juice and keep stirring the milk constantly.While stirring don’t scrape the vessel from sides or bottom or you will end up mixing the burnt milk for paneer.

4. As soon as the water is separated from the milk and it has coagulated,stop adding more citric acid.

5. Now take a sieve ,place your muslin cloth on its top and pour the paneer -water mix through it so that the water goes down in another pan and you are left with just cottage cheese.

6. Pour in chilled water quickly to cool down the paneer and wash all the sourness from it.

7. Lift your cloth and tying all the ends ,squeeze out excess water from it.

8. Then as per your choice you may hang the cloth and let it dry for 4 hrs or keep this cloth under some heavy weight to get a desired soft circular shape paneer in the end.



So your yummy paneer is ready..


Is it necessary to make paneer always in cube shape? no. Right! So here I bring another way of making disc shape paneer pieces.

Different forms of paneer:
DIff forms of paneer

Form 1

1. Cylindrical paneer

Cyl shape

2.Disc shaped
Cirlcled discs

3. Round small balls
round shaped balls

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