White bread

White Bread

     White bread – a scrumptious bread which could be paired with diverse combinations or consumed as it is. One of my friend’s(Pooja)  weakness is this white bread.  A soft-fluffy white loaf has always been my dream, since I...

Badam ka halwa

When winters break in with rains and rains , the kids and family is down with Flu !! What do you do ? How do you do?? 😀 This Halwa comes to the rescue !
Muradabadi Dal

Muradabadi Dal

Everytime I talk to my close ones, we end up having a long conversation on food. I think its our nation’s food which has bound us together in such a diverse environment. 🙂 On one such day while talking to...

Gur ki Panjiri

Hello all !! We all love to indulge ,when it comes to food! It is relished more if it is nutritious and energizing too. “Panjiri” or “Kasaar” or “Saandha” is the famous Indian sweet mix of nuts, flour and clarified...

Rajwadi choorma

Choorma/Churma (sweet fried flour mix) is a famous Rajasthani sweet. I called it Rajwadi, because I attempted to bring the good flavors of all the three flours in one i.e. Semolina(sooji). Chickpea flour (Besan) and Whole wheat flour(atta) with some...

Palak Paneer

Winters compel us to make Palak Paneer once for sure. When it comes to taste ,health and richness ,this recipe is always handy. Palak (Spinach) is high in Iron,Manganese,Vitamin K,Vitamin A, folate, Magnesium and many other nutrients. Paneer(farmer cheese) contains...
Kaju-pista rolls

Kaju-Pista Roll

Kaju-Pista Roll and all Kaju sweets have always fascinated me since childhood. I love the various art and creativity we could do with the kaju dough. 😀 . So my daughter inspired me to make them and another Diwali’s sweet...