Hand-made Scarves

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Hello All !! Hope all of you would be soaked in spirit of the New year and marching on ahead with their New Year Resolutions ! For the first time, I want to share the dark side of my life, which was closely guarded to my heart and I hesitated to share it with you all.
This post is dedicated to my Family Members and to my near and dear ones.
Rolling back to November 2016, I was diagnosed with Appendicitis and had to undergo the surgery for it immediately after the news broke to us. We were just analyzing the situation and its causes, when our surgeons came and said that the surgery is quite unavoidable and if you delay it, we fear we couldn’t save you. It was that one moment when my life and its precious moments started rolling before my eyes.
Although everything went well in the surgery and after it too. But I realized the importance of the people ,the relations which The Almighty has given to me. I could easily recognize those who supported me, gave me courage and helped me come out of that phase of my life. I also learnt to be thankful for each and every moment He has given us to live here. I know, this surgery was not a major one, though it was the first (hope that it would be the last ) of my life. But it changed my perspective towards my “taken for granted” attitude.

So I would say welcome all times of your lives -whether good or bad, because they will make you a better person and teach you some important lessons of life. Fear not, cause , nothing is permanent in this world.

While lying on bed , I decided to engage myself in making scarves for me and my kid. This helped my mind, my soul to get out of this illness and its after-effects. So in the hope of making lives better ,here is my another DIY , of those times. 🙂

Materials Required:
1. Craftabelle Kit (From Target or Michael’s)
1. 4 bundles of your favorite color yarn
2. 2 foam stick holders
3. 3 large beads
4. 1 Crystal buckle
5. 1 Flower brooch

my kit

simply open and use

|Time needed : 1 hr daily ,3 days(variable)|

1. Go to your nearby craft store , it could be Michael’s , Jo Ann Crafts , Target ,Walmart etc. Find out the materials you need online. I just bought this from Target while browsing through the kid’s toys. I opened it after my surgery and followed the instructions.

2. You have to learn knitting long tubes of one color ,either on your hands or on the foam pieces. I found it difficult to knit around my fingers ,so I knitted on the foam to make these tubes.
knitting tube




3. For the 1st scarf I needed three 30″ long tubes, which took a long time and finally after completing them, I felt so accomplished and content ,that I thought of making the other two scarves too.
1st scarf in making

1st scarf-1

me wearing 1st scarf

4. For the 2nd scarf, I knitted again three 26″ long tubes and attached the beads at the end.
2nd scarf

5. The last one was my daughter’s and mine coordinated effort and we finally made it using two 60″ long tubes. This is just an example of getting involved in some creative stuff. You may follow your heart and make any usable thing to get preoccupied.
3rd scarf

Please feel free to add your valuable thoughts below. If you have a similar story to share with me, don’t hesitate , just let it go. Thanks to all who have been through my thick and thin !! 🙂


  1. prachi says:

    super cool. I am sorry to hear all that but you are right , I totally agree with the single word you have written. you are very brave (jhansi ki rani) not bcoz you handled it only, even you shared it too. So proud of you.

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