1st tandoori roti

Tandoori Roti

Sometimes food gives you satisfaction, sometimes it gives you solace. Sometimes it kills ur hunger,sometimes it radiates love. Whatever it takes, this “tandoori roti” has always been my favourite restaurant pick from the menu. But after trying it at home...
makhane ki sabzi

Phool -Makhane ki sabzi

               Who says that fasting meals (vrat) are mundane, bland and unappealing? I wanted to serve Goddess Durga with a different curry this time. So made this phool-makhane ki sabzi with paneer.    ...
Alsi ke laddu

Alsi ke laddoo

As the sun shifts into “Uttarayan” (the Northern journey) today, I start with a healthy note of “Alsi ke laddu”. Flaxseeds (Alsi) are not only good in Omega-3 but also in lignans and fiber content. So starting this year with...
Besan ke laddu

Besan ke Laddoo ya Pinni

Just like no two Laddoos are the same made by the same hands at the same time, in the same way no two wives are same. 😉 . While I was eyeing them, and thinking this, my hubby managed to...

Badam ka halwa

When winters break in with rains and rains , the kids and family is down with Flu !! What do you do ? How do you do?? 😀 This Halwa comes to the rescue !
Muradabadi Dal

Muradabadi Dal

Everytime I talk to my close ones, we end up having a long conversation on food. I think its our nation’s food which has bound us together in such a diverse environment. 🙂 On one such day while talking to...