Tri-color Souffle

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Tricolor Souffle

This Tri-color (orange-white-green) Souffle is one dish which could be made individually as well as in a combined form like this. I made this souffle for the Independence day meet-up organized by Anita Mokashi.This is one recipe which needs negligible cooking and hardly any churning unlike in setting ice-creams. Also , it is vesatile in nature and you could try this souffle with mangoes, strawberries, coconut, chocolate, apples ,grapes etc.. Just name it and you will be able to make a souffle out of it.Not only with fruits, it could be made with some vegetables too like yam,potato, spinach,broccoli,corn,ginger, lemon etc.
This recipe turned out awesome and everyone liked it a lot. Lets proceed to this craveable and delectable easy recipe now.

Green layer >>
1. Agar agar – 5 gms ( 4-5 strands)
2. Boiling water – 2 cups
3. Kiwi (ripe and green) – 2
4. Avocado (ripe and green) – 1
5. Heavy whipping cream or fresh cream – 125 ml
6. Lemon juice – 1 tsp
7. Sugar – 4 tbsp(optional)
White layer >>
1. Agar agar – 4-5 strands(broken into pieces)
2. Boiling water – 2 cups
3. Heavy whipping cream – 200 ml or coconut milk
4. Bananas – 2 (ripe)
5. Lemon juice – 1 tsp
6. Honey – 2 tbsp
Orange layer >>
1. Agar agar – 4-5 strands ( broken into pieces)
2. Orange gel color – 1 tsp( 6 yellow+2 red)
3. Boiling water – 2 cups
4. Vanilla Ice- cream – 4 cups(thawed)
5. Orange Juice(fresh or store bought) – 2 cups (I used fresh ,hence it was little orangish yellow)
6. Saffron strands (kesar) – for garnishing

| Preparation time : 15 + 15 + 15 mins | Cooking time : 5 mins | Serves 48 shot cups |
Green Layer :
1. For this layer, take 2 ripe and green kiwis. The Golden ones are yellowish in color from inside. So make sure you pick the kiwis which have lots of hair and are green from inside. Also choose a green avoacado, take a ripe one. For avocado , just remove the top eye and check whether it is brown,green or yellowish green. The right one is yellowish green.
Golden kiwis n avocado
2. Mash these fruits in a blender to form a fruit crush or puree.
3. Heat drinking water in a pan for 2 mins till it comes to a rolling boil. Now break the strands of Agar-agar and add them to the boiling water . Stir them with a spoon till it dissolves. After about 5 mins when it has dissolved completely turn off the heat.
Till it dissolves
After mixing gelatin
4. Now add whipping cream to the fruit blend and stir them nicely.
the cream
5. Add the sugar and lemon juice also to it according to your taste or depending on the sourness of the fruits. We add lemon juice only to avoid blackening of avocados.
lemon juice
6. Since we have added avocado we need very less amount of cream here. You may totally skip the cream and add just avocados for the creamy texture. Once all is mixed well add the hot agar water mix to the mixture.
7. If you want to enhance the color of your souffle you may add store bought Gel food color -green to it. I however, avoid using colors as far as possible.
8. Once all the ingredients are blended well, start pouring your souffle in shot cups/glass mugs/moulds etc in which ever shape and size you would like to set them.
green layer
9. Place these containers in the refrigerator for almost 2 or more than 2 hours. Once it is set it will not move on shaking the glass lightly. Also wrap them in cling plastic wrap to avoid any impurities from settling in.
cling wrap green

White layer :
1. For this layer , you may use 3-4 medium size bananas. As a first step,prepare the gelatin by following step 3 from above. Since agar-agar is a veg Gelatin ,it is perfect for all vegetarians. It is a kind of sea-weed which has gelatinous properties. If you leave the hot solution in the pan, it will set in the pan itself.You may either prepare it beforehand or make it ad hoc.

2. Once you are done with the gelatin, peel the bananas and cut them into small pieces. Now quickly mash them to avoid any browning.
bananas cut
3. Add a few drops of lemon juice and honey while blending them. Also add the coconut milk or cream and blend them to a smooth paste or smoothie.
honey and lemon juice
banana paste
4. Next add the prepared gelatin and stir well.
after adding gelatin

5. Now quickly pour it on the previously set green layer and again wrap the containers with cling wrap.
white layer
in glass shots whiter layer
6. Refrigerate them for another 2 hours.
Refrigerate in cling wraps

Orange Layer:
1. For this layer take out 2 cups fresh orange juice or use store bought orange juice. For making 2 cups juice I took almost 8 cuties/small nectarines.
Fresh orange juice
2. You may make the gelatin by following “step 3 from green layer” in the meanwhile.
Orange gelatin
3. Also thaw the vanilla Ice-cream for 40-50 seconds before blending.
vanilla ice-cram blended
4. Now take a bowl and add vanilla ice-cream, orange juice and agar solution and blend everything together. Also you may use Orange Jello gelatin for making this gelatin . But again ,since I prefer pure vegetarian, I used agar -agar for making the gelatin.
in goes juice
after blending juice ,ice-cream n  gelatin
5. You may add orange gel color by adding 2 drops of red and 4 drops of yellow to it to enhance the color. But again I used minimal, since I wanted it to be natural.
orange layer
6. Once all the ingredients are blended well add it over your previously set white banana layer .
in shot cups
7. Garnish it with saffron strands and again cover them with a clind wrap or keep in closed containers to avoid any contamination.

Tri-color souffle
enjoy and share your experiences
Hope you would like this !!
It is an easy and yummy dessert which could be had any time of the day and is sure to impress your guests and friends!! 😀

Please feel free to ask questions and comment below!! We gladly welcome your advices and suggestions!! 🙂

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