Antelope Canyon – the beauty of Arizona

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Day 4:
We checked out from Page to visit the mighty “Grand Canyon national Park” – the South Rim. After having a quick breakfast in the hotel, we saw “Little Colorado River Gorge” enroute to the Grand Canyon. We entered through the eastern most corner – the Desert view Watchtower Entrance. Not only this point offered some amazing Panaromic views, but also the reflecting mirrors on the terrace and in the windows gave you an in-depth views. My kid rejoiced again to found a Visitor center and this time too she was determined to earn a badge for her. Inside the Watchtower, you would see Navajo tribal art(neatly preserved) all over the walls. The telescopes,the reflecting mirrors and the periscopes at every level facilitate and enhance the experience.  

With a vigor of completing the park’s junior ranger book, we attended an open-air-theater workshop at Yavapai Geology Museum by the Park ranger. It indeed was enlighening. The Grand Canyon that we see today, was a plain years ago, where the Colorado River drifted with all its might. But volcanic eruptions, earthquakes , plates dislocation gave rise to layers and layers of rocks that we see today. The rain , snow and storms continue cutting them like slicing a cake piece. What makes them special is – they are visible even from the space ;being one of the few Natural Wonders of the World. 

Perished and tired , we reached one of the busiest, most polluted city of Nevada. Any Guesses? ???
yes.. You got it. Las Vegas – it is. Ate dinner in the heart of sincity- the strip of Vegas – the Masala Express (an Indian restaurant) . So after been so close to nature for four days, suddenly this city was despising us(feeling from within). It was not like I didn’t got compliments for my outfit( I got lots , since I was the odd person out there. 😀 ) , but the air, the lights, the noise was little unbearable for us. 😉 . Nonetheless we enjoyed the Fountain Show of Bellagio and the Elevator ride of The Paris (top-view of Fountain show) before returning to our hotel.

In Paris or Vegas?

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