Bikaneri Barfi

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Bikaneri Barfi

Bikaneri Barfi from north India needs no introduction. It is lightly sweetened thin barfi/katlis just like kaju katlis. Although I have made them thicker 😛 for a change. With just 2 ingredients, this recipe appears to be very simple in nature. The hack of this recipe is just getting the right color and texture of khoya. Again it needs very less sugar and you may use the replacement of sugar like “splendor sweetener” for diabetic people. Also it saves the time of making sugar syrup(chashni) and checking the threads in it, because it doesn’t need any.

So now,let’s jump to this recipe.

1. Mawa/khoya – 1/2 cup
2. Powdered Sugar/Bura – 1/4 cup or little less than half cup
3. Ghee(Clarified butter) – 1 tbsp (optional)

|Preparation time: nil | Cooking time : 15 mins | Makes 5-6 pieces |
1. Heat a wok(kadhai) on medium heat and add mawa and sugar into it.

2. Let it roast for 5 mins on low heat.When you feel it has started sticking to the bottom add the ghee and continue roasting.
Mawa n bura melted

3. After 10 mins when you see the mixture has started drying out , further lower the heat.
After 6 mins

4. Cook for 5 mins on lowest heat and stir continuously to avoid forming lumps and sticking at the bottom.
DOn't scrape

5. When you see it has come together in the center, take it out on a plate and let it cool for a couple of mins.
Dough of mawa

6. Now roll your dough on the counter and then cut diamond shape katlis or barfis from it. Alternately , I pluck a portion of the dough and pressed it in the cookie cutter to form a flower shape barfi. Be careful, since the dough is hot from inside, it appears to be warm from outside.
Bikaneri barfi

[note:1. Don’t allow the dough to cool down completely. Roll it while it is still warm else it will dry out and crumble in hands.
2. Grease the counter or cutting board and the rolling pin with some ghee for non-stick rolling.
3. Its better to use Bura/bhoora instead of sugar if available.It will give you the right texture.
4. Don’t scrape the wok ,or the hardened mawa will mix into your prepared dough.]

Bikaneri Barfi
Unlike other milk based sweets,this sweet has a long shelf life since it is made by roasting mawa for a long time on low heat. Hence it stays good at room temperature for 15-20 days and 30 days in a refrigerator.

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