Single-serve brownie

If your kid has gone overboard , is agitated, throwing tantrums and you can’t think of anything to control him/her. Then, believe me this recipe would help him placate for a while. 😀 Brownie, which originated in Boston, U.S. is...
makhane ki sabzi

Phool -Makhane ki sabzi

               Who says that fasting meals (vrat) are mundane, bland and unappealing? I wanted to serve Goddess Durga with a different curry this time. So made this phool-makhane ki sabzi with paneer.    ...

Badam ka halwa

When winters break in with rains and rains , the kids and family is down with Flu !! What do you do ? How do you do?? 😀 This Halwa comes to the rescue !
Eggless chocolate swiss roll

Eggless Chocolate Swiss Roll

It’s that time of the year again !! October – the month of Dress-up and costumes !! You guess it – Halloween .. I thought of surprising my family with a non-spooky dessert this time. 😀 Although a non-spooky dessert...