Rosy Sandesh

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Beautiful Sandesh

Sandesh or “Shondesh” is a famous Indian sweet prepared from paneer(cottage cheese). It is very delicious and easy to prepare. So whenever you have a sweet tooth craving and you have ample amount of paneer with you ,don’t hesitate to try this. You will fall in love with this sweet for sure.
It is healthy too since it is prepared from paneer – a good source of protein and vitamins.

1. Milk -3.75 liters (1 Gallon)2. sugar – 2 cups
3. Lemon Juice- 4-6 Tsp
4. Rose water -2 Tsp
5. Red Color – 2-3 drops(optional)
6. Sliced almonds/Pistachios – for garnishing
7. Coconut powder /finely grated coconut powder – 1/2 cup

1. Boil the milk and and when the milk has cooled to 80% ,then add lemon juice in it slowly and let it curdle.
For more on how to make paneer click here : home-made paneer

Fresh paneer

2. Let the water drain out from the paneer. Now untie the paneer from the muslin cloth.Take it out in a deep large bowl and mash it with your hands till it gets soft.
Mashed Paneer
3. Now add the sugar in it and mix it well with a Spatula or electric hand-held mixer. Don’t blend it too hard ,just enough to form into one layer.
Sugar-paneer mix
4. Now take a large pan or a shallow wok and add the mixture in it. Now add the rose water and color in the wok and turn on the heat at low temperature.
In wok

5. Make sure the heat is low or else the mixture will ooze out all the ghee/butter and will not dry as we need it.
6. After about 20-25 mins the mixture starts drying ,but it needs in -between stirring to avoid lump formation and oozing of ghee.
7. Finally add the coconut powder and turn off the heat.Coconut powder helps in giving a unique taste to it and absorb the excess syrup of sugar.
adding coconut powder
8. Let it cool for 5 mins and then start making round or rectangle shapes out of it and arrange them on a tray.
Garnish them with sliced almonds and they are ready to serve, but they taste best when cooled.

Beautiful Sandesh
9. Refrigerate them and serve cold. Your yummy sandesh is ready to eat.

Rosy Sandesh

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