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DAY 2:

This day started with an equal enthusiasm and this time we were out for Zion ! I have seen bikers in many road trips ,but this time has to be special with as many as 66 bikers in a row, we were stunned. “The Narrows” , “The Subway” and “The Angel’s Landing” belong to this park. While hiking The Narrows and Subway need an advanced permit reservation , Angel’s landing only needs some guts. This park lies in a dry deserted land , so be prepared to endure hotness with water.
Angel's landing

It is better to reach the Zion visitor center as early as 7 a.m.(or earlier) to get the parking spot near it. Also don’t forget to either enter or exit the park through Zion-Mt Carmel Junction which features the long -winding road tunnel through the ranges in an amusing way. Since we were driving from Kanab, we crossed it to and fro. But even if you are driving from Vegas or St. George, this drive is recommended. Just after entering the Zion national park, we were welcomed by the big-horn sheep. 😀 .


The background ranges are part of the long zigzag tunnel !!

So after checking the “Checkerboard mountains” and the carved ranges , we parked our car near the visitor center. The fun part – the free double-decker shuttle ride began from the visitor center. The shuttle service with guided transportation is swift and frequent. We aimed for three stops –The Zion lodge ( lower and upper Emerald pool trailhead) , The Grotto (the trailhead of “Angel’s Landing hike“) and The Temple of Sinawawa (the riverside walk trail). We did the riverside walk first followed by the Angel’s Landing Hike. The water was cold in contrast with the weather but this trail is the easiest of these three. We started off together for Angel’s landing hike but  returned after a 4 mile hike . If you wish to see the Angel’s landing,  aim for as much as 4.8 mile hike (roundtrip) and you will be rewarded with extra-ordinary views. So if you are a free-bird, you can climb the last (0.6 mile) strenuous part of the hike (which involves climbing with ropes) to the top. 

Can you spot the people on this trail at the top?

Post lunch in the Zion Canyon lodge’s restaurant, we started for other trails.The Lower and Upper emerald pool trail starts from across the road near Zion lodge. This trail is rewarding , since the waterfall offers peace after hiking on rocks .  You can stand under the falls and feel the natural showers on you. On our return ,we were amazed to see fearless fawn in the lawn besides humans . It was busy eating the scraps of food in the garden. Of course, we spotted tiny humming birds and ravens in the Park. I forgot to mention that there are guided Tram tours which run on alternate days through the Park. Since we were getting late for our hotel, we skipped it and went to pick up our car from the parking.


We headed towards Page, where we had Mexican dinner in El Tapatio and reached our relaxing hotel -Super 8 in Page.

For more pics please check this album : Utah to Arizona

DAY 3:

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