Bienvenido a Cancun

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  DAY 3:

                                         This day was my most cherishable day ,since I ticked off my “bucket-list wish” that day. After getting ready , we head out with an all-day taxi booked from our hotel to Cancun and back. Our driver was helpful, friendly and patient. Although he didn’t speak English , we conversed with him using Translation app and he helped us plan our day better. We went to Playa Delphinus (the Dolphin’s beach in Cancun) where we took pics with the “CANCUN” letters. He then took us to La Isla Shopping village which has sea access and some scenic walkaways amongst the top brand outlets. Cancun’s Interactive Aquarium was in the heart of this Plaza. Then we went to the Torre Escenica (Scenic Tower of Cancun) which took us as high as 285 feet above sea level, and we saw some amazing views of the 7-shape Cancun from there.

View from 285 Feet above sea level through Scenic Tower .


                                   All the beaches of Cancun Playa Ballenos, Playa Tortugas, Playa Delphinus etc are in the Zona Hotelera (Hotel Zone).{For more info about their access, follow this link : Beaches and their access.} But the excitement was just about to begin. I then decided to go for Para-sailing (my first time experience ) at Playa Tortugas. After a good deal of bargaining, we got a good tour in which my hubby and daughter accompanied me to the middle of the ocean through a small boat in a short swirling ride. This ride was enjoyable too, since on these high waves our boat seemed too small. With baited breath , we waited for our turn to hop on from our small boat to the para-sailing boat while in motion. Finally I sat in the swing all buckled up to go high up in the air as high as 512 feet (or as high the winds could take me) . From high up there, everything seemed so small and insignificant. All that mattered was the silence of the gushing winds, the power of water and the beautiful earth which we call home. No I didn’t boozed while going up. 😛 . But yes, seeing the awesome scenery you might turn philosophical or have a new perespective towards life. For the first time, I realized the love of my loved ones from that height. 😀 Having said that, one should go for such experiences ,since they not only swing you from outside but also shake your inner core.

Going in the middle of the sea .

Buckling me up for the great flight !!

And off I went High up in the sky !

Bird’s eye-view from top !! Yes that’s my boat !!

                          After swinging for a good time of 15 mins in air, I was finally brought down to the boat and we reached the terminal again through the boat. I felt dizzy, nauseous after getting down, may be because I went up with empty stomach. So it took sometime to get back to normal, and the lemonade helped me a lot.

                          Now we set out for our last part in Cancun – Isla Mujeres ferry ride. Ultramar is the only company which takes care of ferrying people to and from any island. The rates are fixed and so are the timings of ferry. It took half an hour to reach from Playa Tortugas to Isla Mujeres terminal. There are in all 3 terminals that take us to Isla Mujeres. The island was sure a small town to explore on foot or in a Golf-cart. We rented a golf-cart for an hour to drive in the narrow lanes of the island. We pretty much covered 75% of the island through it. This place has many underwater activities like swim with dolphins , swim with sharks, scuba diving etc. Believe it or not , it has a big dockyard port for unloading cargos, Cruises, Big ships etc and an airport too to accomodate on this small island.

                            On the way back to Playa Tortugas, we sat on the deck of this ferry now. The dusk has just begun and the sunshine parting through the clouds gave an elegant look. To top that off, we were entertained with a Mexican singer singing out some soothing and  rocking songs all along. We reached in time before sunset and I got the opportunity to capture the dipping sun on the other side of the road. As promised we had to let our cabby go before 8 pm, so we started to head back to the hotel. But if you are staying in Cancun or Riviera Maya, you should take a chance to dine at “The Elefanta” an Indian restaurant with a grand interior. Or if you are into trying out cuisines, book your dinner at The Alux restaurant in Playa Del Carmen downtown which has a cavern-type interiors. We instead ate dinner at our hotel {after a long day , no more experiments 😉  } and slept nicely.


                          Also there are top-class nightclubs – Coco Bongo being the most famous. So if you are a party animal, you would enjoy in Cancun a lot !!

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